Contact Brant is your first place to contact to access services for children and youth ages 0 – 18 who have a developmental disability and/or developmental concerns.  Having a clear place to call for support is important in our community, to make it easier for families to access services for their child, and to reduce families having to repeat their story. Call 519-758-8228, or use this secure referral link Contact Brant Referral.


What Can I Expect When I call Contact Brant?

Contact Brant’s job is to connect you with the right Child and Youth Developmental services.

When you call Contact Brant, our staff will gather some brief information on your situation and then set up an intake appointment for you with one of our Resource Coordinators. The date and time of the intake appointment will be set at your convenience. The intake usually happens over the telephone or in our office, but can be scheduled at another location. The intake appointment usually takes about one hour.  We can meet with just the parent/guardian but like to also meet with the child whenever possible.  We need to meet with all youth age 16 and older.  We can meet alone with the youth if they request this.

At the intake appointment, the Resource Coordinator will ask you to tell your story about your situation, including the child and family’s strengths, concerns and history.  The Resource Coordinator will talk to you about the available services and supports that are the best match, and what services you are interested in.  The Resource Coordinator will record your information and, with your consent, send the referral to the services that you agree to.  The Resource Coordinator will let you know how long you may have to wait for the service, and what other resources might help in the meantime. 

Once you have connected with a Resource Coordinator, that person will be your contact at Contact Brant.  You can call them at any time for more information, or to access other services.  We welcome you to call your Resource Coordinator with any questions at any time.  We request that you let us know if your contact information changes (e.g. address, phone number) or if your situation changes while you are waiting for services (e.g., the situation is getting worse).  We are here to help.

Your Contact Brant Resource Coordinator can also give you information about planning for the transition to adult services at age 18.  At least by age 14, your Resource Coordinator will be pleased to meet with you and provide more information about things to consider for transition planning.  At age 16, your Resource Coordinator will meet with you to update your intake and send a referral to Developmental Services Ontario Hamilton-Niagara Region (DSO), with your consent, to initiate planning for adult developmental services.  The DSO is the access agency for adult developmental services, and they will first determine if your child is eligible for adult developmental services.  Contact Brant will help you collect the paperwork that is required to have the DSO determine eligibility.  Once the DSO confirms your child is eligible, they will complete their intake process.  For more information on Transition Planning, see our website’s Transition Planning page.

Click here for information on Children and Youth Developmental Services that Brant/Brantford children and youth have access to
– remember to call Contact Brant to access these supports.