Coordinated Service Planning



Contact Brant is your first place to contact to get the services you need for children and youth who have social, emotional, behavioural, psychiatric, developmental concerns and/or special needs.  We also provide information to anyone who calls about available services in the Brant area.

Contact Brant’s job makes it easy for you through just one phone call. Having a clear place to call for support is important in our community, to make it easier for families to access services for their child, and to reduce families having to repeat their story.

Anyone can refer a child or youth to Contact Brant services, including a child, youth, parent, guardian or professional.  Call Contact Brant at 519-758-8228, or use this secure referral link Contact Brant Referral. We will get back to you within one business day.

What is Coordinated Service Planning?

Contact Brant is the lead Coordinating Agency in Brant and works with other community organizations (education, health and community services) to offer Coordinated Service Planning to families.

A Service Coordinator is identified for each eligible family to be their ‘key helper’.  Your Service Coordinator will provide information, support, and help you navigate the service system.  Working with education, health and community services, the Service Coordinator will develop an integrated Service Plan with you and your services driven by what is most important for your family.

Eligibility for Coordinated Service Planning:

  • The child/youth is age 0 – 18, or age 18 – 21 and still attends school, and has multiple and/or complex special needs
  • Is receiving 2 or more services (multiple sectors/professionals due to multiple support needs)
  • The family is experiencing challenges that impede their ability to coordinate services for their child (coordination is the primary need).

Service Coordination Brant Agencies

Call Contact Brant to access Service Coordination supports.  Six agencies have Service Coordinators to help you.  Contact Brant will ask you to identify your preference for the agency that will provide your service coordination supports in our community: