Contact Brant is your first place to contact to get the services you need for children and youth who have social, emotional, behavioural, psychiatric, developmental concerns and/or special needs.  We also provide information to anyone who calls about available services in the Brant area.

Having a clear place to call for support is important in our community, to make it easier for families to access services for their child, and to reduce families having to repeat their story.  Contact Brant makes it easy for you through just one phone call.

Anyone can refer a child or youth to Contact Brant services, including a child, youth, parent, guardian or professional.  Call Contact Brant at 519-758-8228, or use this secure referral link Contact Brant Referral. We will get back to you within one business day.

What Can I Expect When I call Contact Brant?

When you call Contact Brant, our staff will gather some brief information on your situation and then set up an intake appointment for you with one of our Resource Coordinators. The date and time of the intake appointment will be set at your convenience.

The intake usually happens over the telephone or in our office, but can be scheduled at another location. The intake appointment takes about one hour.  We can meet with just the parent/guardian but like to also meet with the child whenever possible.

At the intake appointment, the Resource Coordinator will ask you to tell your story about your situation, including the child and family’s strengths, concerns and history.  We write this information down and keep this information stored securely.

The Resource Coordinator will also complete a screening tool with you called the interRAI that helps identify the child/youth’s service needs.  The Resource Coordinator will talk to you about the available services and supports that are the best match and listen to what services you are interested in.  The Resource Coordinator will let you know how long you may have to wait for the service, and what other resources might help in the meantime.

Once you have connected with a Resource Coordinator, that person will be your contact at Contact Brant.  You can call them at any time for more information, or to access other services.  We welcome you to call your Resource Coordinator with any questions at any time.

We request that you let us know of any changes, such as if your address or phone number changes, or if your situation changes while you are waiting for services (e.g. things are getting worse).  We are here to help.

To make a referral to any service, Contact Brant needs your consent.

  • Children of all ages can give consent if deemed capable.
  • A youth age 16 and older needs to provide their own consent.
  • Parents and guardians can give consent for children under age 16.
  • Contact Brant always tries to secure both the child’s and the parent/guardian’s consent.

What issues might a child or youth have to need mental health services?
Child and Youth Mental Health Services help with the following concerns, and more:

  • Acting out behaviours
  • Aggression
  • Anxiety
  • Bullying or being bullied
  • Child and family conflict
  • Depression
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Grief
  • Hyperactivity
  • Managing anger
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-harming; suicidal thoughts
  • Sexual identity pressures
  • Trauma
  • Worrying

 When should you be concerned about a child/ or youth?

  1. Frequency – the child/youth continuously exhibits behaviours or moods that are not age appropriate.
  2. Duration – the behaviour or mood continues for longer than usual.
  3. Intensity – the behaviour or moods of the child or youth are intense enough to interfere with their daily life.

What child and youth mental health services are there in our community?

Click here for information on mental health services that Contact Brant can help children and youth access in our community.  Remember to call Contact Brant to access any of these supports.

If you have a crisis situation and require help immediately:

Call St. Leonard’s Crisis Services at 519-759-7188 or 1-866-811-7188, 24 hours/day.

  • Crisis Services provides immediate crisis support and counselling for children, youth and adults who are experiencing a mental health, addictions, or situational crisis or
  • Call 911 or
  • Go to the Brantford Hospital emergency department or
  • Call your family physician/pediatrician.

You can also call Kids Help Phone  1-800-668-6868
or access their on-line services by clicking here: Kids Help Phone

For non-crisis situations, call Contact Brant to access services: 519-758-8228.