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What is the Vulnerable Persons Registry?

  • The registry is a community based policing initiative in partnership with local community agencies and Brantford Police Service
  • The registry promotes communication between vulnerable persons, the people who support them and the This information will assist officers when responding to an emergency involving the vulnerable individual.
  • The registry provides quick access to critical information about a registered person, such as who to call in an emergency, a detailed physical description, and any particular sensitivities that the person may experience.

Who is a Vulnerable Person?

  • A vulnerable person is defined as a person who due to medical, cognitive, mental health or physical condition may exhibit patterns of behavior that may pose a danger to that person.
  • Examples of Vulnerable Persons may include: persons with autism, dementia, acquired brain injury, cerebral palsy or a person that  may exhibit  atypical behaviours  g. wandering, physical instability, inability to communicate, aggression, irrational fear, oversensitivity to sensory stimulus (sounds, lights, touch)

Who can use the registry?

The registry is open to anyone, free of charge, living in the City of Brantford who feel they are vulnerable in times of emergencies and would like an extra assurance


Inquiries about the Brantford Vulnerable Persons Registry can be directed to Contact Brant:


Phone: 519.758.8228