What is Case Resolution?

Case Resolution is a mechanism established by the province to ensure that children and youth with urgent and multiple complex needs are identified, and that appropriate service options are developed by the community. Whenever there are challenges to meeting the support needs of these complex needs children and youth, it is expected that creative solutions must be developed within the finite allotment of resources to reduce the immediate risk to the health and safety of each child/youth and their family.

The Case Resolution Team

The Case Resolution Team is a multi-disciplinary, cross-sectoral team of senior managers from organizations providing services to children and youth including developmental services, mental health, education, health, cultural-specific groups, and adult developmental services. Consent from the family is required for review of the situation and planning at Case Resolution. Any Service Coordinator or provincially-funded organization providing services to children and youth can request a Case Resolution review by contacting Contact Brant.

Case Resolution reviews children and youth with complex special needs:

1. Where additional service coordination and/or supports need to be planned by the community due to the complexity of service needs. The Case Resolution Team members are often able to be flexible within their individual agency mandates and work creatively within available resources to collectively meet the needs of these children.

2. Where services and resources are exhausted and not able to fully meet the service needs of the child or youth, and the child/youth is considered ‘imminently at risk’ and there is a clinical recommendation for a specialized service to stabilize the situation. The Case Resolution Team can, in limited situations, make a recommendation for a specialized service to stabilize the situation – these recommendations are short term and time-limited and must include a plan to return the child or youth to locally funded services.

3. At age 16 and age 17 to consider the integrated transition plan to adult services.

Case Resolution and
Coordinated Service Planning

The province expects children and youth who require Case Resolution will have been supported locally as much as possible by the Coordinated Service Planning process before being referred to Case Resolution. They will thus have an identified Service Coordinator, as well as a written Coordinated Service Plan.