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Start Here for Children’s Mental Health Services

Start with Contact Brant. We are the first place to contact to access community services and programs for children and youth ages 0 – 18 who have social, emotional, behavioural, and/or psychiatric concerns. 

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Start Here for Children’s Developmental Services

Start with Contact Brant. We are the first place to contact to access community services and programs for children and youth ages 0 – 18 who have Autism, a developmental disability, and/or developmental concerns.

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Information Services

Contact Brant is the first place to contact for information on community services and resources in Brant. You can call us at 519-758-8228 to learn more about children’s services, as well as other community resources and supports in Brant.

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New Service Available

New Service Available – Coordinated Service Planning

Contact Brant is working with other community organizations (education, health and children’s services) to offer Coordinated Service Planning to families in Brantford/Brant. Coordinated Service Planning ensures that there is a clearly identified staff for each family who will lead their service plan and support services working together to meet each families’ unique priorities and needs.

What is a Coordinated Service Plan?

A Service Plan gathers all the goals of each service being provided to support a coordinated service approach that is driven by what each family identifies as their main concerns. It outlines who is doing what, and clearly identifies each family’s primary contact staff. It is a written Plan that progresses over time, building on previous services as well as the child and family’s experiences.


Children and youth with special needs, birth to exit from school (up to age 21), requiring multiple (2 or more) services based on the depth and breadth of their needs, including family priorities.

As result of Coordinated Service Planning families will:

• Know who is accountable for developing and monitoring their child’s coordinated service plan; Have a clear contact person for coordinated service planning.

• Not have to repeat their stories and goals to multiple providers when additional services are needed

• Have a single service plan that is responsive to their child’s goals, strengths, and needs

• Experience a family-centred service approach that recognizes that each family is unique, that the family is the constant in the child’s life, and that they have expertise on their child’s abilities and needs

• Know that service providers will be communicating, with consent, about the needs and goals of their child, working toward a set of identified common goals


For more information or to access this service, speak to your current community service staff, or call Contact Brant: 519-758-8228.


The Ministries of Children and Youth Services, Community and Social Services, Education, and Health and Long-Term Care are naming Coordinating Agencies in every community as part of the Special Needs Strategy. Contact Brant is the Lead Service Coordination Agency in Brant. 


Upcoming Triple P Seminars and Discussion Groups

Click here and enter your city to view the list of upcoming Seminars and Discussion Groups and to register.

For more information or to register call Contact Brant – 519-758-8228

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Information Database

Click here to search for community services in Brant, Haldimand and Norfolk. You can also call 2-1-1 for community services information 24/7, 365 days a year.

Your Guide


for a listing of workshops, courses, groups and events that are free for families, children and youth.

Suicide Prevention

If you are thinking about suicide or are concerned about someone you know who is talking about suicide, call Integrated Crisis Services at 519-759-7188 or 1-866-811-7188, available 24 hours/day, or call 911.