What is Coordinated Service Planning?

Contact Brant is the lead agency for Coordinated Service Planning in Brant and works with community organizations, education, and health services to ensure services are wrapped around a family with a single plan of care. Coordinated Service Planning provides a key staff, your Service Coordinator, for children and youth who have multiple service needs to help your family navigate services, provide information, and lead an integrated service plan based on what is important to each family.

Coordinated Service Planning


children and youth to services and supports they need.


a key community staff to ensure you have the information you need and help navigate the many services.


voice leads the planning of supports and services to meet their child's needs.


a Coordinated Service Plan by working with all your services to support everyone working together on behalf of each family's needs.

Coordinated Service Planning Eligibility

Age 0 – 18 or,

age 18 – 21 and still attends school, and

has multiple support needs.

Contact Brant provides Service Coordination support to families and children with complex needs. To send a referral for Coordinated Services Planning, use the link below.

Partnering Agencies in Coordinated Service Planning

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