Ontario Autism Program - Urgent Response Service

Contact Brant is the Lead Agency for the Urgent Response Service (URS) in the communities of Brant, Haldimand-Norfolk, Hamilton, Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, Niagara, and Six Nations of the Grand River.  Children and youth registered with the Ontario Autism Program are eligible for URS when experiencing new or worsening high-risk behaviours. Working with the family and community services, our URS Coordinators develop short-term services and supports to respond rapidly to the specific high-risk need to reduce the risk of harm to the child/youth, others, or property.  We are currently working on fully implementing this program over the next few months.

Urgent Response Service


families to a URS staff within 2 business days to complete eligibility and intake.


an Urgent Response Service plan by adding time-limited services to address the high-risk behaviour.


is supported, if not eligible for URS, to connect with appropriate services.


the discharge plan from URS to identify an on going support plan by community services.

Urgent Response Service Eligibility

Age 0 – 18 and,

Registered with the Ontario Autism Program and

have a specific behaviour need that requires prevention from further escalation of risk of harm to self, others and/or property

Contact Brant connects families to the URS to support children/youth experiencing high-risk needs. To send a referral for the Urgent Response Service, use the link below.

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