Ontario Autism Program - Urgent Response Service

Contact Brant will be providing the Ontario Autism Program Urgent Response Service (URS) in the Hamilton-Niagara region. We are currently hiring staff, and in the process of implementation. Working with community stakeholders and families, the URS provides a time-limited rapid service response for children and youth with Autism who are exhibiting a recent (last 14 days) high-risk behaviour. We have staff available that can provide you with information on this new service at this time.

Urgent Response Service


eligible families to a URS Coordinator to ensure services can begin to respond to a high-risk behavior and prevent further escalation.


an Urgent Response Client Service Plan that identifies the high-risk behaviour and the strategies needed through the connection to service support.


is supported with strategies for how to manage the child or youth’s high-risk behaviour.


families in accessing ongoing resources and community support.

Urgent Response Service Eligibility

Age 0 – 18 and,

Registered with the Ontario Autism Program and

have a specific behaviour need that requires prevention from further escalation of risk of harm to self, others and/or property

Contact Brant connects families to the URS to support children/youth experiencing high-risk needs. To send a referral for the Urgent Response Service, use the link below.

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