Privacy Policy

Contact Brant respects privacy and holds personal information confidential.  Contact Brant will not give information to another agency or person unless you give consent.

Collection, Use and Disclosure:

  • We write down your ‘family story’ and keep this information safely protected.

Contact Brant asks you and your family to tell us your story. Contact Brant asks you what help you would like, and gives you information on the services that we know might help.

  • Contact Brant asks for your consent to make referrals

to the service(s) you agree that would be helpful. When we send a referral, it is the ‘family story’ that you provided that we write down in the Intake record.

  • Contact Brant asks for your consent for service coordination.

Your consent allows us to communicate with other people, such as your school, other service providers and your doctor so that we can all work together. For service coordination, your ‘family story’ is not shared. Instead we talk about what services you are involved with or waiting for, how all the services can work together on your behalf, and any key things that are happening at the moment that we all need to help with.

  • You can give, refuse and withdraw consent

at any time for the collection, use and disclosure of your information.

  • You have a right to

ask to see your record, and request corrections to be made to the record.

  • You need to understand

what you are giving consent for –

Contact Brant staff must fully explain:

  • who information will be shared with
  • what information will be shared
  • the purpose for sharing the information, and
  • that you can withdraw consent at any time.
  • Contact Brant wants you to know that we share non-identifying data for community planning (e.g., number of children age 6 – 10).

Contact Brant welcomes feedback.  Please let us know if we have helped, or if you have a complaint.  Call 519-758-8228 or visit us at 255 Colborne Street, Unit 1 & 2,  Brantford, or use our Feedback and Complaints Brochure, or email

You can make a privacy complaint to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario: or call 416-326-3333